Excellent facilitation. Jason knows how to keep the attention of web based trainees through his strong technical knowledge and sense of humor.

Milagros G.

The training for SharePoint was excellent. I was able to complete it quickly and really enjoyed following the easy-to-digest short sessions. I would recommend anyone to sign up to the training as it’s easy to understand and delivered in a practical, entertaining way. Now that I know about all the features and capabilities SharePoint offers, I’m looking forward to using it more for team projects!

Dustin Miller

Jason started with the basics and gave me enough tools to really have some fun with my homework working on my own. I truly cannot wait for the advanced portions of the training. I see what possibilities SharePoint solutions can provide for my clients. I am excited to think of what I can bring to them.

Dustin Miller

The information was clear and pace would make it easy for anyone to follow along.  There were opportunities for questions and plenty of one on one if needed. Jason was able to share my screen when I did encounter problems. I enjoyed his ability to take my questions that may have been off course but he made time to venture into those responses.

Nintex Logo Box[2]

Why Choose Nintex Workflow

Over the past four years I’ve been asked many times “Why Nintex?”.  After all, there are several ISV’s in the SharePoint workflow space.  Additionally, you have several Microsoft solutions for creating SharePoint workflows like out of the box workflows, Designer Workflows and Visual Studio.  So I thought I would give you my insights as to why I love Nintex Workflow and the value Nintex Workflow brings to the table.  Read more

Embedding a Video in SharePoint 2013

If you have ever had to embed a video in SharePoint 2007 or 2010 you realize how laborious the process can be.  Sure, it’s not impossible, but it was a huge pain in the… well you know.  Microsoft has made this process much easier using SharePoint 2013.  In this quick video I will walk you through the process of adding a video from Vimeo into SharePoint 2013.  Read more

Friday the 13th & SharePoint

It’s Friday the 13th and if you’ve been following TekDog you may know Friday the 13th is a special day for us. On each Friday the 13th we like to do something special with deals (now expired … boo!!).   In the spirit of spooky Friday the 13th I thought I would talk about some rather scary issues with Microsoft SharePoint that I have been encountering lately. Read more

Nintex Workflow Box[2]

Free Nintex Training Building My First Workflow

What’s better than TekDog’s Nintex training you ask… How about FREE Nintex Workflow Training.  That’s right, 100% FREE Nintex training.  In this session you will be guided through building your first workflow using Nintex Workflow 2010. Here’s what you’ll receive as part of our FREE training: Read more

Adding a Title to a Hyperlink Using Nintex

Recently I was working on a project with a client and they wanted me to write a column for the current item to link back to the Workflow History.  Sounds simple enough, so I started by adding a column to my list with a data type of Hyperlink.  Here is a run down and some screen shots to go through the process.  If you are looking to add a title to a Hyperlink using Nintex — here you go!  Read more